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trial flights @ eshott airfield

By far our most popular vouchers - trial flight experiences. You'll get the chance to take the controls or just sit back and watch the scenery go past as you soar around Northumberland.  If you're looking for a present for a budding pilot, someone who loves an adventure, an aviation enthusiast or just someone who loves the scenery of Northumberland this is the perfect experience gift.  

G-SJES over Holy Island 2.JPG

30 minute flight - £85

Our best value flying vouchers start at just £85. You'll get half an hour in the air above Northumberland in one of our modern aircraft with an instructor.


60 minute flight - £145

Our most popular flying voucher is by far the 60 minute flight. With a full hour in the air you'll get a chance to see the very best Northumberland landmarks. 


formation flights - £170

A new product which has been extremely successful in 2017 - you'll take one aircraft and a second aircraft will join you in the skies. Who will you take with you?